Introducing Moneybrain

Anything connected with money is complicated, but things don’t have to be that way.

Whether you’re looking for a mortgage, a loan or a saving scheme, interested in investing or need an insurance policy, Moneybrain can guide you simply and quickly to the right product.


We call our service Moneybrain because it works like a very clever brain – taking in information, analysing and organising it in an instant, and telling you what you need to know. Think of us as a friend who happens to be a financial genius.

Comparison is just the start

The internet is full of comparison services. If you haven’t used them, you’ve definitely seen their adverts on TV (think meerkats, a chubby opera singer and businessmen in hotpants). So what can Moneybrain do that they can’t? A lot more is the short answer.

Personal recommendations

We start by giving you a credit report and score, powered by either Noddle or ClearScore, two of the UK’s leading providers of free for life credit checking services. Armed with that information, we search through thousands of products in the area you’re interested in, and compare them to see which one’s most suitable for your precise needs.

The comparison sites stop there, leaving you with a long, unwieldy list of options. But Moneybrain goes onto to give you something much more practical: a shortlist of your top ten best products. Not just the cheapest but the most suitable in every way.

Unbiased advice

Another difference is that Moneybrain is totally independent and unbiased. Comparison sites would like you to think they are, but many of them allow providers to pay for higher listings than their products actually deserve. When we recommend a product, it’s because it’s right for you, not because the provider paid us to.

Best of all, it all happens in seconds.

Sounds good? Give Moneybrain a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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