Investment: put your money where our brain is

Ready to start investing? Clever Moneybrain offers an innovative online service, making investing easy, hassle-free and affordable. Investing money is important but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

A few quick questions will establish your risk profile and tell us what type of investor you are. Using award winning technology we will then design you a Personalised Investment Plan with the optimum mix of investments, resulting in a balanced portfolio of investments tailored for you in less than 15 minutes.

Once invested we will then continually monitor your portfolio and adjust it to ensure that everything is on track.

Sound good? Read on….

Why use Moneybrain Investments?

If you’re after an investment ISA or a general investment account, we offer a simple, online service to advise you quickly and with confidence. Different to other online investment services – with Moneybrain you are not acting alone. At any point should you need to speak to someone, you can pick up the phone to one of our Advisers.

For straightforward investment needs, we will create a portfolio that is right for you, offering world class, sophisticated investment management and advice without hassle or high costs. We save you time, money, and frustration. There may even be times when you need to see a financial adviser and we’ll tell you if we think you need to. However, for straightforward investment needs you can simply go online and we will create a balanced portfolio that is right for you.

Moneybrain’s approach to investing is based on Nobel Prize winning theories on portfolio investment by Harry Markowitz. A pioneer of investment theory, he demonstrated that combining assets in different proportions enables investors to manage risk in their portfolios and potentially maximise the return on investment.

This is the premise of the Moneybrain investment service. The investment portfolios we create for you aim to provide the best balance of risk and reward for you. To do this we assess the risk you are willing and able to take, building a portfolio for you based on 20 years of historical returns and academic research.

Investing money is important but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Our smart, online process means that you can have a balanced portfolio of investments tailored for you in less than 15 minutes.

Simply go online and answer a series of simple questions about your finances and attitudes towards money. We will then determine a portfolio of investments designed to provide a return on investment that is in line with your attitude to risk. It’s quick, easy to use and highly intuitive. And of course, if either you or we think you need it, we can put you in touch with one of our Advisers who can provide comprehensive advice.

To review the main points at any time read our FAQs. To progress your application click here

Online Investment Options

Online Investment Options

Different to other online investment services – with Moneybrain you are not acting alone.

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Investing FAQs

Don’t I have to be rich to start investing?

No, but if you do have small sum to hand, or have a few pounds spare at the end of the average month, investing with the right (i.e. Moneybrain’s) advice can be an exciting way to maximise your return on that cash. You really can start with surprisingly little.

I don’t know anything about investing, is that a problem?

Not in the least. All you need to start investing is a little cash and your passport or driving licence, because we’ll need to confirm your identity first. No knowledge of investment markets or products is required from you. Our innovative investment service is a very modern mix of advanced technology and real expertise from real human financial advisers. They are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, which means your portfolio couldn’t be in safer hands. One last thing, if we believe you’re not suitable or shouldn’t be doing our kind of investing, perhaps because of your financial position, we’ll let you know politely but firmly.

How will I know what’s happening to my money?

The Moneybrain service provides regular updates and help is available 24/7. We start the investing process by asking you to set your own risk preferences and objectives, and they will guide every sale or purchase we make on your behalf. You’re always in control.

How much does investing with Moneybrain cost?

Fees can vary but are always affordable, amounting to 0.50% per year. What’s that in real money? A medium risk portfolio with £20,000 invested would cost you £1.92 per week, or 27 pence a day. There are no hidden fees and all fund costs are included.

Is it a complicated process?

We reckon it will take us five minutes to create an investment portfolio for you. We’ll make sure you understand everything we tell you, and you can rest assured that all our advice is fully authorised and regulated. You’ll end up with a sophisticated investment portfolio with very little hassle and no delay.

How risky is investing?

Investing in stock market-linked investments always has an element of risk. While you will be able to decide on the personal risk level you are happy to accept, we will remind you clearly that all investments can go down as well as up. Providing the most accurate information possible is the best way you can minimise risk – and maximise return.

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